We Use AI to Predict Changes in Occupancy Status.

Our solution combines AI and process expertise to identify Void and Gap Properties early. This increases billing accuracy, accelerating cash collection and reducing the cost to collect.

The £Billion problem

For utilities, identifying changes in occupancy status is typically, at best semi-automated. The lack of an early identification trigger increases unbilled and uncollected revenues, forcing utilities companies and ultimately their paying customers to bear the cost.

In the Water industry alone, Void Properties cost the industry in excess of £300 Million every year. ​

How much do void/gap properties cost the water industry?

Correct! Wrong!

Predict void or gap properties early using deep learning and AI

KAI, our Machine Learning platform, actively and continuously scans available databases and mission-critical data-sets, monitoring the signals, patterns and trends determining occupancy status. Combined with your operational experience and datasets, KAI helps you identify and predict Void Properties early, accurately identifying occupants, and increasing the probability of cash being collected.

External Database Scanning

KAI continuously scans multiple databases, Web Presence, Business Rates, Meter Data, Land Registry databases and ordering platforms.

Internal Operational Data

KAI then combines this with historical data sets gathered by your internal teams, validating against external information.

Process Expertise

With 40+ years in the utilities industry, collections and Void Property management, our team understands your key challenges and priorities.

Increase Predictive Accuracy

KAI continues to learn from new data and inputs, increasing predictive accuracy over time and quickly identifying changes in occupancy status and the occupants contact details, where available.

Why use Us?


Improve billing and data quality

Pursue the collection of outstanding debt quicker

Accurately predict the likelihood of changes in occupancy status for advanced planning

Reduce unbilled debt and uncollected revenues. Increase profitability

Accelerate and increase cashflow

Bill the right person for outstanding usage charges

Increase control, speed and accuracy of identifying void and gap properties

Reduce the cost per £ collected by liquidating cash earlier

Improve analytics and reporting

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