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Void properties, Gap sites, and leakage management have been identified by Ofwat as key areas of focus for water companies over the next 5 years as set out in PR19. Void properties and gap sites are key challenges for both Wholesalers and Retailers. Is Anybody There? can help mitigate the risks and operational challenges that exist with managing the change of tenancy process for both business and residential customers. We can also assist in identifying gap sites.
Delays in identifying void and gap sites result in unbilled income for both Wholesalers and Retailers, which ultimately deflates potential revenues. We can assist in mitigating that risk.


Retailers also suffer from increased exposure to bad debt costs due to customers using change of tenancy processes to evade debts. The management of the change of tenancy process also results in higher billing and collections costs arising from higher levels of returned mail, cancelled bills and higher DCA commission rates to collect “gone away” customers debts.

Water Services

Change of Occupancy Management

Water suppliers are often forced to react after a change - once a customer makes a complaint or a bill goes unpaid. Learn more.

Gap Site Management

We collaborate with clients to reduce and eliminate gap sites through the use of data, AI and expert knowledge. Go deeper.

Data Cleanse / Data Management

High quality data will increase the likelihood of your bills being paid and paid faster. We can help.

Change of Occupancy Management

Our internal research suggests that across utilities in the UK, the cost of process deficiencies and lack of speed in managing “move ins” and “move outs” is c£1 billion per annum. This cost is related to unbilled revenue, bad debt expense and increased billing and collection costs. 

Our AI platform identifies changes in occupancy status and also predicts “hotspot” addresses and businesses where there is a higher probability of a real or fictitious change of tenancy:

This reduces the probability of bills not being issued or remaining unpaid. Our AI platform continually scans open and proprietary data sets for signals regarding properties. These signals are fed into predictive models which determine the probability of changes in occupancy status and continually monitors to immediately identify when a change in status has been identified.

Is Anybody There? can assist you in providing more accurate and higher quality data faster than is currently available. With the implications of Covid-19, particularly for business customers, speed and accuracy in identifying when customers move in and out of premises has never been more important. Failure to improve processes and data quality will adversely impact profitability.

Gap Site Management

We collaborate with clients to reduce and ultimately eliminate gap sites through the use of data, artificial intelligence and expert knowledge of utilities. Our technical expertise can be used to create a link between new connections and the retail market, to avoid gap sites arising and minimise the time taken to bring premises into charge. We have the expertise to assist clients throughout the customer journey, from the first to final bill.

Predict Problem Sites Ahead of Time

There are premises that have a higher propensity to churn through the change of occupancy process. We work with clients to produce a reliable forecasting tool that improves the identification of “hotspot” premises and businesses. This will help you reduce the credit risk of your debtors. This information can also complement your existing credit vetting processes.

Predict Problem Customers at Point of Sale

We work with clients to produce a forecasting tool that reduces the risks and costs associated with serial offenders who are seeking to avoid paying the debts that they owe for the services they have enjoyed.

Data Cleanse / Data Management

Data quality is critical for utilities and often an area where there is under investment. High quality data will increase the likelihood of your bills being paid and paid faster, thus reducing bad debt charges and collection costs. It will also reduce returned mail and contact from customers whilst having a positive influence on customer retention.

Is Anybody There? has the experience within the utilities sector and technical capability to improve data and create a “perfectly payable bill”, thereby increasing the speed and probability of payment.